This is a house-made soybean paste condiment using Jookjangyeon doenjang. Highly concentrated when compared with regular doenjang, you can use it as a Korean BBQ ssam sauce or warm it up and serve over rice. Think of it as a doenjang curry!

You can also add dashi, tofu and/or fresh vegetables to make a quick & easy doenjang stew at home.

Great for breakfast to boost your probiotics. Only made once a month.

INGREDIENTS: Jookjangyeon doenjang, Jookjangyeon gochujang, Miyazaki A5 wagyu strip loin, Debragga beef short ribs, anchovy, Norwich Meadow Farm onions, Norwich Farm napa cabbage, Lani's Farm scallions, Lani's Farm green pepper, Lani's Farm zucchini, dashi stock, California garlic.

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