Frequently Asked Questions

What is banchan?
Banchan is an assortment of small Korean dishes as well as soups, stews, entrees, and, of course, kimchi.

Banchan is meant to be stored in your fridge and portioned out at meal times as needed. Depending on the banchan and how it's stored, some banchan will last in your fridge for a few days while others will last for weeks (even months in the case of kimchi). This makes it the perfect way to have dinner on the table in minutes. Most banchan is ready-to-eat straight out of the fridge, while other banchan will simply need a quick reheating (like soups/stews/braises). 


How do I eat banchan?
Eat banchan with rice! Rice is the blank canvas that your taste buds need in order to enjoy banchan to its fullest. 
Many of our customers eat banchan without rice (and that's ok too!) but you will discover the flavors of banchan are so much better when you eat with a nice, hot bowl of short grain rice. All of our banchan is seasoned assuming you'll enjoy it with rice.
Choose your banchan, add rice and maybe a soup/stew or meat to create a full meal. Sometimes though, all you need is just one banchan!  

Mix and 
match depending on your mood. You will soon discover which combinations are the most delicious for you. Everyone has their own favorite combo.


What makes your banchan different?
All of our banchan and prepared foods are made from scratch, without the use of preservatives to lengthen the shelf life of our dishes or any artificial additives.

Flavors are drawn out from whole 
ingredients, and not through chemical additives, colorings or flavorings.

We use high quality ingredients such as beef from Debragga Meats, chicken from D’artagnan and pork from Niman Ranch. We also use as much produce as possible from local farms like Lani's Farm and Norwich Meadows Farm.


When can I receive my delivery?
We currently only deliver to Manhattan on Mondays. We will be adding more areas and additional days in the future.

Orders must be placed by 10am on Sunday in order for you to receive your delivery the following Monday. Delivery times will range from 9:30am to 7pm. Because we deliver the food ourselves with our own refrigerated van, it’s difficult for us at this time to allow you to choose time slots (sorry!).

If your doorman is accepting a delivery on your behalf, please ensure they place the delivery box in refrigerated storage as the food is perishable. If you or someone on your behalf is unable to accept a delivery during delivery hours, we will have to take your order back to our store. You are welcome to come and pick it up, however, please note we are closed on Tuesdays and items will expire if not collected quickly. No refunds will be made.


Is there a delivery fee or minimum order requirement?
We offer free delivery for orders of $100 or above. We have a flat $9 delivery fee for all other orders.

Do you have more banchan in your store?
Yes! We have over 50 different banchan, soups, stews, braised meats, marinated meats, frozen foods, grab & go (including bibimbap, gimbap & dosirak) as well as a limited made-to-order menu.  Click on our "In-Store Daily Menu" as well as our "In-Store Banchan" link for further details.