Korean name: kong namul guk


A delicate, slurp-worthy anchovy broth with crunchy soybean sprouts.


Simple yet classic, soybean sprout soup is traditionally enjoyed by Koreans as a remedy for hangovers. The clean broth is truly great for hydration after a night of drinking or for dry winter days or anytime you need a comforting soup. Keep in it your fridge with some rice and your body will thank you the morning after drinking!


Instructions: Bring to a boil and turn off the heat after 10 seconds (over boiling will reduce the soup and render it salty). Salt to taste. Enjoy with rice as a 'guk-bap' in a single bowl. You can add a poached egg and/or some chopped ripe kimchi but it's also great without.  This soup does not contain any meat.


Ingredients: Soybean sprouts, dashi stock, garlic, red pepper flakes, peppers, soy sauce, fish sauce & scallions. Egg and rice not included.

Nut Free | Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Meat Free
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