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Servings: 2-3 (marinated & raw)

Our USDA Prime Grade Galbi comes to you from Meju's kitchen. Meju only uses true USDA Prime, all natural short ribs from Debragga. Less than 2% of all beef in the US is designated as USDA Prime, based on marbling and comes from young cattle. The meat is juicy, tender and has exceptional flavor. If you've been to Meju, you will have tasted the difference. Enjoy for dinner or send as a gift!

Traditionally cut galbi means the short ribs are expertly cut to expose one bone along the short side with the meat uniformally filleted in continuous layers (unlike LA galbi). This premium traditional cut galbi is also much easier to cook at home and you don't have to eat around the bone.

We also use sweet Korean pears in our marinade, which is traditionally used to flavor and tenderize the meat (many places use more affordable alternatives). 

Cooking instructions: Grill or pan-fry. Use kitchen shears to cut the galbi into bite sized pieces once it's almost done. 

Serving tips: Enjoy with lettuce wraps, ssamjang sauce, kimchi and rice. Add a soup/stew and a selection of banchan for a full feast!

Ingredients: Prime grade beef short ribs, Korean pears, onions, garlic, soy sauce, sake, mirin, sesame oil, salt, and sugar.

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